Winner of The LA Webfest 2023
Best Suspense / Thriller / Mystery
The Treasury Department recruits a former police officer who possesses exceptional songwriting skills to work as an undercover ghostwriter in the music industry and investigate potential money laundering activities. However, things take an unexpected turn when one of his reference songs becomes a viral hit, complicating his mission to expose the criminals involved in the music industry. Now, he must balance his newfound fame with the task of bringing down those who are exploiting it for their own gain.
Julius Cesar takes on multiple roles as the driving force behind the production, serving as the Executive Producer, Creator, and leading actor of the show.
About the Pilot

Julius Cesar joined forces with Sathya Vijayendran, who took on the roles of Director, Writer, and Editor, to bring their shared vision to life. With the addition of an international cast, including Paloma Michelle from Netflix's "Mal Verde," the show was filmed in captivating locations such as the Dominican Republic and iconic locations throughout New York City.
Julius Cesar - Executive Producer
Sathya Vijayendran - Producer
Isreal Bocel - Producer
Ruben Rodriguez - Producer

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